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PowerGenix: Nickel-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries Make Their Debut
Fast Company, 2008

Where Venture Capital is Still Flowing
Forbes, 2008

PowerGenix: An Ancient Battery Technology Reborn
Greentech Media, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis Keynotes Invest Southwest Capital Conference
Press Release, 2008

T. Boone Pickens Added as Keynote to Event that Ira Ehrenpreis Chairs
Press Release, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis Keynotes Midwest Alternative Energy Venture Forum
Chicago GSB, 2008

Nanogram Corporation and Tokyo Electron. LTD, Enter Thin-Film Photovoltaics JDA
Press Release, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis Speaks at the Green to Gold Event
2008 Conference

Ira Ehrenpreis Speaks at the 5th Renewable Energy Finance Forum
2008 Conference

Tesla Featured: Time Magazines 2nd Best Invention of 2008
Time, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis Quoted in "U.S. Solar Heats Up: Infusion of tax breaks and venture capital may jolt underutilized energy source to prominence"
Chemical & Engineering News, 2008

Accelergy Technology Develops Cleaner Fuels and Chemicals Using Coal
Red Orbit, 2008

PowerGenix Closes $30M Round Fueled by Clean Transportation, Energy Storage Demands
Press Release, 2008

Telsa Motors Plans New Factory, Financing for Expansion
Wall Street Journal, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis Quoted in 'Just in Case'
Wall Street Journal, 2008

APX Featured: Gold Standard Registry Experiences Rapid Growth in Carbon Market Projects and Users
Business Wire, 2008

Telsa Motors Selects BorgWarner for Production of New Gearbox for Tesla Roadster
Press Release, 2008

PowerGenix Putting a Charge in $4 Billion Alkaline Battery Market
San Diego Business Journal, 2008

PowerGenix Supplies Batteries to North American Light Electric Vehicle Market
BusinessWire, 2008

Nanogram partners with OTB for solar module pilot plant, 2008

PowerGenix Featured: Nickel zinc recycable battery technology to hit Europe, 2008

Tesla Confirms Model S Plug-in Hybrid Sedan, 2008

Tesla Motors adds 'rock star' designer, ex-Ford CFO to team
San Jose Business Journal, 2008

PowerGenix's Nickel-Zinc Batteries Pass UL Tests Performed by Motorola Product Testing Services
BusinessWire, 2008

PowerGenix Featured: Are Zinc Batteries Going Big Time? PowerGenix Just Passed Two Big Tests
greentechmedia.blogs, 2008

Telsa Opens First Bay Area Dealership, 2008

PolyFuel Discloses Prototype Notebook Computer Fuel Cell Power Supply
Press Release, 2008

Sundance Channel's "Eco Heroes" Profiles Ira Ehrenpreis
Sundance Channel, 2008

APX to Provide Carbon Projects Infrastructure for the Voluntary Carbon Standard
Press Release, 2008

Veterans from General Motors, Rutgers' Energy Storage Group and China's Lyrun Join PowerGenix Advisory Board
BusinessWire, 2008

Telsa Featured: Green Hot Gold
CNBC, 2008

APX Powers the Voluntary Carbon Standard Registry, 2008

Telsa to Build New Electric Sedan in Bay Area
San Francisco Chronicle, 2008

Telsa, Daimler in Deal
The Mercury News, 2008

NanoGram's Solar Cell Manufacturing Process Wins DOE Award
Laser Focus World Magazine, 2008

NanoGram Corporation Receives Award From US Department of Energy Recgonizing Photovoltaic Technology Innovation
PrimeNewswire, 2008

PowerGenix Featured: From Achilles to Zinc
EV World, 2008

PowerGenix, Original Power Bring GreenCell Rechargeable Batteries to Portable Lawn and Garden Tool Market
Business Wire, 2008

PowerGenix Hopes to Overtake NiMH Dominance with Alt-Chemistry Rechargeable Batteries
The Industry Standard, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis Speaks at the 19th Annual Venture Capital Investing Conference
2008 Conference

Ira Ehrenpreis Featured: Investments in Clean Technology Thrive
American Recycler, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis is Keynote Speaker at the California Clean Innovation
2008 Conference

Ira Ehrenpreis Speaks at the 3rd Annual Alternative Energy Conference
2008 Conference

Tesla rolls out its long-awaited electric sports car
The Associated Press, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis Quoted: Alternative Energy Lures Pension Funds as Oil Soars

Forbes, 2008

PowerGenix Target's HEV Market with Nickel-Zinc Battery

EVWorld Newswire, 2008

PowerGenix Shows off its Battery in Prius
Business Wire, 2008

APX Technology Enables Gold Stantdard Carbon Offsets to Trade on European Exchange
Business Wire, 2008

Tesla Motors Opens Electric Car Showroom in California to Enthusiastic Response, 2008

APX Powers California Climate Action Registry Emissions Offset System

Press Release, 2008

Fuel Cell start-up CEO Speaks to EW, 2008

PowerGenix Rechargeable Batteries to Power High Definition Cameras and Lighting for Emmy-Award Winning Frezzi Energy Systems
Business Wire, 2008

NanGram find VC for silicon thick-film PV

Photon International, 2008

PowerGenix non-toxic batteries coming to market
Cleantech, 2008

Tesla Roadster Bound for Europe
Edmunds, 2008

PolyFuel CEO Credits U.S. Department of Energy Support in Company's recent Fuel Cell Advances
Press Release, 2008

PowerGenix Featured: Two Nickels Worth of Battery Power
Design Line, 2008

Jay Leno Riding the Tesla Roadster: Jay Leno's Garage

PowerGenix Targets Toxic Battery Market With New Line of Rechargeables
Business Wire, 2008

Tesla Motors Begins Regular Production of 2008 Roadster
Business Wire, 2008

APX, Gold Standard Foundation Launch Greenhouse Gas Registry
North American WindPower, 2008

Nanogram Expands into Cleantech with $32M Round
Small Times, 2008

Carol Browner Joins APX Board of Directors
Business Wire, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis Quoted in Venture Funds Turn to Cleantech
Chemical & Engineering News, 2008

Telsa Featured in Automobile Magazine: The Future is Now
Automobile Magazine, 2008

Nanogram: Silicon-Based Nanomaterials, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis' "State of the Cleantech Industry" Keynote Speech Highlighted
The Deal Blog, 2008

Brian Storms Joins APX as Chairman and CEO; Goldman Sachs Becomes Minority Investor
Press Release, 2008

Ira Ehrenpreis Highlighted: Venture Capital Investment in Renewable Energy Soars to $3.4 Billion in 2007
Greentech Media, 2008

Nanogram Corporation Raises $32M to Extend Solar Technology and Advanced Materials Solutions to Commercial Scale
Press Release, 2008



Life Science

TRIA Beauty Named Breakthrough Product of the Year
Women's Wear Daily, 2008

Roger Quy Speaks at Johns Hopkins Brain Science Conference
John Hopkins Biotechnology 2008 Conference, 2008

Revance Featured: Relastin - New Multi-Tasking Product Solves the Anti-Aging Equation
Aesthetic Trends & Technologies, 2008

Revance Featured: Two Years, Two Awards -  A Perfect Record for Relastin
Press Release, 2008

Tria Beauty Featured: Tria Laser named Allure Beauty Breakthrough
Allure Magazine, 2008

Jim Glasheen Moderates CBC Financial Summit
Cosmetic Bootcamp, 2008

Neuralieve Featured: Invention Could help some migraine suffers, 2008

Neuralieve Featured: New Technology Provides Drug-Free Approach to Treat Migraine
Business Wire, 2008

Roger Quy to Speak at 'The Neurotech Industry Investing & Partnering Conference'
NeuroInsights, 2008

Spectragenics Announces $30M in New Funding, Changes Company Name to TRIA Beauty
MarketWatch, 2008

Roger Quy Quoted: Neurotechnolgy Needs Better Outcome Measures, Diagnostics - VC Investors
The Gray Sheet, 2008

Braincells Featured: The Ultimate Turn-On, 2008

Intercell Patches Into Iomai, 2008

Spectragenics Featured: Beauty Left to Its Own Devices
Women's Wear Daily, 2008

Iomai and Merck & Co., Inc. Evaluate Use of Iomai Immunostimulant Patch
Press Release, 2008

Spectragenics Highlighted in the Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal, 2008

Jim Glasheen Chairman of Inaugural Consumer Medicine Summit
The Consumer MED Summit, 2008

Neuropace Highlighted in ABC News Segment:
ABC News Clip

Roger Quy on Panel at the Epilepsy Therapy Project: Epilepsy Pipeline Update, Portal into CNS
Epilepsy Therapy Project, 2008

Spectragenics Highlighted in NBC News Segment:
NBC News Clip

Study Finds Single Dose of Iomai Patch With Pandemic Flu Vaccine Achieves Protective Levels
Press Release, 2008

Emerging Drug Developer: Braincells
FierceBiotech, 2008

Nfocus Buys StarFire Medical
San Francisco Business Times, 2008

Medimunne Ventures Invest $30M into Braincells, Inc.
BioCentury, 2008

Revance Featured: Botulinum toxin in topical form draws interest
Dermatology Times, 2008

BrainCells Bets on Small Molecule Therapies
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 2008

Spectragenics TRIA At-Home Hair Removal Device Cleared by FDA
Press Release, 2008


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