News/Events 2007

Nanogram Corporation Featured: Nanotechnology Companies Planning to Sell Shares
The New York Times, 2007

Tesla Motors Featured: Here's Our Pick for Cat of the Year. What's Yours?
Wired, 2007

APX, Largest Technology Provider for Environmental Markets, to Create Registry for Major Global Standards Group
Business Wire, 2007

Polyfuel Awarded $2m in Funding From National Institute of Standards and Technology to Develop Ultra-Low Crossover Membrane
Fuel Cell Works, 2007

APX Market System Delivers Certification, Tracking and Trading Capabilities On-Time
Press Release, 2007

Ira Ehrenpreis Highlighted: Venture Capital Flood
Energy Central, 2007

Technology Partners Featured as one of the Leading Cleantech VCs' in Wired Cleantech Ecosystem Flow Chart
Wired, 2007

PG&E and Tesla Motors Co-Pilot Vehicle-to-Grid Research
PG&, 2007

Ira Ehrenpreis Speaks at Lux Executive Summit
Press Release, 2007

Tesla Roadster: a skeptic converted
CNET Crave Blog, 2007

PowerGenix Poised for Growth
PR Newswire, 2007

Tesla named as Best Product Design in 2007: BusinessWeek and IDSA Announce Best Product Designs of 2007
BusinessWeek, 2007

APX Announces Infrastructure for the Auction of Emissions Allowances
PR Newswire, 2007

Tesla Motors Featured: Why the Next Car You Crave Will Be Electric, 2007

Tesla Motors Secures $45 Million Series D Investment Round Led by Technology Partners and Elon Musk
Market Wire Press Release, 2007

PolyFuel: U.S. Gov't restores $2M funding to fuel cell startup, 2007

Ira Ehrenpreis quoted: 25 ways you can go green
CNET, 2007

Tesla Motors Featured: Quiet Thunder
Vanity Fair, 2007

Tesla Motors Featured: Tale of a supercharged start-up (Financial Times), 2007

PolyFuel Receives Broad Patents on Key Portable Fuel Cell Technology
Fuel Cell Works, 2007

Ira Ehrenpreis Featured in Dawning of a New Age: Experts Discuss Sustainable Energy
New America Media, 2007

Coaltek Highlighed in Coal:The future fuel of hipster
c|net , 2007

Ira Ehrenpreis comments on Coal Technology: "The Underground Option for CO2"
c|net, 2007

Technology Partners Extends VC Leadership as the Only Firm with Two WAVC Board Members
Press Release, 2007


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